I hope you feel a sense of freedom and empowerment when you listen to my music, come to my shows, and wear my clothes! 

At the end of the day -- I just want to make you feel good!

Peace, Love, & Light

- Kristal Cherelle

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If you want uniqueness, elegance, and great communication tied into your event, Kristal is what you need! SO many people have raved about how beautiful her voice is and wanted her contact info since our wedding!

Sabrina & Eric Morris | Gig Salad

My husband hired Kristal to come to my work to sing happy birthday...Kristal has a Beautiful voice. She played the guitar while singing some cover songs and ones she has written (which are really good). No other background music, just her and her guitar which is all you need!!!  HIGHLY recommend her!!!!


Kristal is a remarkable singer she is a very classic lady.

Kristal is awesome she sings like a angel leaving you wanting more.This young lady is amazing on the guitar and the piano I can't wait until she release her CD god bless you in the future .

Shenill J. | Gig Salad

Kristal was very professional. Her voice is one of the best I have heard. This experience has change the way our family and friends view live entertainment for a private party. The album is a must buy.

Adrian and Chanda Wiltz | Gig Salad

Beautiful Voice!

Kristal was great, talented and easy to work with.

Neysa King | Gig Salad

Free In The Night

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About Kristal Cherelle

Houston based Pop/Soul recording artist, Kristal Cherelle opened for Lauryn Hill, was nominated for Houston Press ‘Best Vocalist’ award, Hard Rock Rising Houston battle of bands winner, and sang the National Anthem for the Houston Rockets Feb 9, 2018. Her anthem performance video caught fire, currently at 26K views and counting.

Here's her story:
Kristal entrenched herself in music for most of her life. She was singing before she was able to speak and writing songs ever since she received her first keyboard at age 7.

Born in Jacksonville Florida, raised in Talbotton, Georgia and Idabel, Oklahoma, she’s no stranger to small southern towns. Even so, she was singing as if she had a whole stadium before her--even when there wasn't many around to hear her. 

She went on to study music in her college years where she picked up her first guitar at age 19. Upon graduating, she took that guitar and found her way professionally within the Houston live music scene in 2012 and has been exploring and growing ever since. After getting her feet wet with her debut melancholy album, Fighter released with NoisePodium Records in 2014, she received awards and opportunities. During this time, she took a hiatus from recording and focused solely on performing live and bridging the gap between her love for pop, r&b, hip hop, and soul music.

The Wait Is Over

Kristal Cherelle meshes the art of soulful storytelling with the fun-filled expression of pop and hip-hop in her new free-spirited single, ‘Free in the Night’ a part of her new project, #PopSoul to be released in the Fall of 2018.

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Kristal Cherelle #PopSoul Crop Top

#PopSoul Crop Top

For the free spirits in the world!